“TRIVIO, The Talking Quiz”


TRIVIO is the amazing new trivia quiz program, which talks! It is educational and fun. It is supplied with thousands of challenging general knowledge questions in scores of categories. Questions may have associated sound, music or images.  Users may also enter (and edit) their own questions, and two players or teams may challenge each other in an exciting duel. Audit files are maintained for each quiz, to assist in training applications. TRIVIO may be customized to suit YOUR purpose, either at home, at school, or in the workplace, as a training tool. Additional question packs will be released on CD, and you may also download many more FREE questions here!








It reads the questions, using advanced computer speech synthesis.

It gives comments depending on the accuracy of the answers given.

It may be set to also read the answer options, so that it may be used by the visually impaired.


Strong multimedia content:


TRIVIO is supplied with thousands of questions in many categories, to fascinate the serious trivia expert. Additionally, images, sounds and music may be associated with questions, making Trivio an extremely versatile quiz.


Users may write their own questions:


Questions may be set in your own subjects, using the quiz authoring option. It can therefore be used in schools, or computer-based training applications.


Quiz editor software included with authoring tool:


Errors may be corrected in existing quizzes, and questions may be updated.


Quiz users may compete against one another with “Buzz-in” ability:


Using the keyboard, optional “QuizPads”, or even a USB joystick, two players or teams may compete in a “fastest fingers first” scenario.


Audit files kept for all participants:


Every quiz done on the system automatically creates its “audit file”, to assess participants’ ability. Thus TRIVIO can be used as an impartial educational and entertaining evaluation tool.




A website (www.trivio.co.za) is in development, where users may download many more questions. Due to bandwidth limitations, these will not have significant multimedia content, but supplementary questions together with their media will also be released on CD-ROM, in various categories. And anyone may also submit questions to the main TRIVIO question repository.



For more information, please contact the author, Julio Costa at (+27) 82 372-1750